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What are you doing here?

ELIJAH IS ON THE RUN… …and he is running for his life! He began his run after winning an unprecedented spiritual battle. However, he does

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Steps of Possibility

Matthew 14:28-31 / Acts 2;42-43 The activity and intervention of God fuels our faith. We believe all things are possible through God because we have

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There is but one requirement … ASK! Simple? Yes, yet effective. Extraordinarily effective! ASK is the solution to problematic and perplexing circumstances. And according to

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Why Shouldn’t I

 A new car, a new phone, a new job – we all like new things, don’t we? I know that my sons are always excited

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5 Practices of a Healthy Family

Healthy families raise healthy children who build healthy societies. Families are America’s number one problem. They are also America’s number one solution. For this reason,

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