It is always our mission to point people to Jesus


LifePointe Church abides by three foundational words that keep the mission and vision moving forward:



We all believe that something or someone brings us comfort, security, pleasure, and peace. We grow by asking questions, not knowing all the answers. As we put our lives (past, present, future) under His care, Jesus fulfills our deepest longings. Come learn about faith as we create a safe learning environment.


The search for belonging is a universal one. We all have a unique story. Without YOU being yourself, we won’t be able to become who we should be. By ourselves, we suffer severe limitations. The church is God’s dream and we can be it together, so that we can be something wonderful, for each other and the world around us.  


There are special gifts and talents that everyone has to contribute to the church and the world. We want everyone to share their gifts with others. You are important and needed. You have been designed for a greater good. Join us and let God use your unique gifts to bless and serve our community.  


Our Vision Statement

We intend to be a full Gospel, life-empowering church that exists to cultivate people’s faith locally and globally.

Our Mission Statement

To help people EXPERIENCE the power of God through a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ enabling them to live LIFE to its fullest potential.

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect the things that matter to us!


We Anticipate the Active Power of the Holy Spirit
God still reveals Himself through miracles signs and wonders.

As Pentecostal followers, we believe in the presence of God and welcome Him into our services. We pray for the sick to be healed, we pray for deliverance from the evil one, and we believe for signs and wonders … all in the powerful name of Jesus!


We will Show Incredible Kindness to Everyone
God’s greatest gift given to humanity is the ability to love one another.

Jesus was concerned about ALL people. He loved everyone. He helped the lame, the blind, the deaf, and the paralyzed. In times of pain, Jesus was there for them, no matter what their race, status, or culture was. Jesus valued other people; we should too.


We Will Laugh, Cry and Experience Life Together
In things that matter, people yearn for what is real.

As a church, we want to be a place where people can be themselves and shed their religious masks. We don’t fear spiritual passion or genuine heartfelt worship. We actually encourage it. We aim to deliver God’s Word accurately at all times. 


We Always Bring our Best
Excellence honors God and inspires people.

Excellence fuels our fire and keeps us from accepting the status quo. By serving God with excellence, we are serving God with all of our might. Excellence means not just being the best, but being ourselves. We are committed to always doing our best.


We Will be Intentional about Christian Growth
We are not bystanders in our spiritual lives; we are active participants with God.

Christians are to grow in the Lord and become more like Jesus by following his teachings and example. We exist to facilitate that growth. Training and equipping are great value and focus.


We Will lead the way with Irrational Generosity
We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Christianity is about giving. In giving his life, Christ made an eternal contribution to our lives; by giving ourselves to him and to others, we too can make an eternal contribution.